We are usually asked about:

Will I be able to update my website myself?

Yes! All of our websites are built on the WordPress platform using Premium Themes. We also include an amazing plugin for editing your website with WordPress called “Visual Composer” so managing your website is as easy as drag and drop!

Do I own my website when it is complete?

Yes! Our fee is for the setup and configuration of the website. We pass the license on to you for the WordPress theme. We maintain no rights for any of the work we do once your fees are fully paid.

If I want to host with another company, can I?

Yes! Assuming the company you want to host with supports WordPress (pretty much all of them do), then you can move your website.  Please keep in mind, this can be a technical process and we do not provide technical support for websites during or after the move.

Are there a limit to the pages my website can have?

No! You can have as many pages as you want. Our packages have a page count as that is how many pages WE include in the setup and formatting. Once your website is live, you can add as many pages as you desire using the WordPress CMS.

Can WebFast provide SEO services once my site is live?

Kinda Sorta! We are a WebSite Design Studio that specializes in helping small businesses get a professional website setup and operational. Our websites come included with the best of the industry SEO tools however, there is no replacement for experience! If you are looking to take your website search engine optimization to the next level, or would like to work with a professional internet marketer, we are partnered with Connetik Interactive – a company that  specializes in managed internet marketing built using WebFast websites!

You can learn more about Connetik Interactive at www.connetik.com

Do you write website content?

No. We are not writing experts – we are website design and development experts. We require you to provide us with your written content or, alternatively, we work with a number service providers where you can get content written inexpensively.

Will my website be "Mobile Friendly"?

Yes! All of our websites are built responsive – this means that your website will adjust it’s layout based on the screen size you are using. The major benefit here is you only have one website to maintain that will work on any device!

Can my website support multiple languages?

Yes! We can setup your website to be bilingual. This is not included in any of our packages as the amount of work to do this will vary on a number of factors. We can provide you a custom quote on setting up your website to be bilingual.

Do I get a report on what my website traffic is?

Yes!  By default, all of our packages are setup to support Google Analytics. If you already have a Google Analytics accout that you wish to continue using (if you are upgrading from another website), we can integrate your new website to use the same account! Otherwise, we can create you a new account.

What Is a "Call to Action?"

We include “Calls to actions” on pretty much all of our website packages. This is referring to a button or statement that allows a user to take a specific desired action. Examples include “click here to request a quote”, or “click here to download a sample”, or “sign up for our newsletter”.

If my requirements don't fit into any of your packages, can you customize them?

Our packages have been carefully put together to meet the needs of almost any small business looking for an entry level website presence that supports a DIY (do it yourself) component.

If you feel that none of our packages meet your needs, please contact us at info@webfast.ca with your requirements or questions and we will be happy to see if we can meet your needs.

Is there any minimum hosting term?

No! All of our hosting contracts are month to month. You can cancel at anytime.

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Website Features:


Every website we build has blog capabilities. In fact, WordPress is recognized as one of the best blogging systems available. We specialize in integrating the blog with your marketing website so that have the benefit of tying in your blog messages to other areas of your website.



All of our websites are built to work with Google Analytic. You will be able to get valuable information on where your potential customers are coming from and what is important to them!


Easily update your website yourself! WordPress is one of the most popular CMS (Content Management Systems) in use and all of our websites come with it. WordPress has more features then most small/medium businesses can use.


Mobile Friendly

Mobile internet browsing has been on the rise for quite some time.   All of the websites we design/develop are fully responsive! This means that the layout of the design changes based on the size of the screen viewing it!


eCommerce Ready

Are you thinking that eventually you would like to add a shopping cart system or a way to accept payment on your website? Many of our WordPress themes integrate seamlessly with Woo Commerce, one of the most popular eCommerce systems for WordPress!


All our websites are built to be search engine optimized from the ground up! We include all of the tools you need to search engine optimize your website.  Looking for more assistance with SEO? We have industry partners that can supercharge your WebFast Website’s SEO!