How it all started

Webfast Design Studios is a division (or sister company) of a larger Internet Marketing firm – Connetik Interactive based out of Moncton, New Brunswick.  Webfast has been been building what we call “Basic Professional Websites” for small and new start-up businesses for over 5 years.

Lets clear something up! Many freelancers and web design companies get into the industry by marketing their services to small businesses. This is mainly because many small businesses have low expectations for their website marketing or what they would define as “basic” needs. As these website design freelancers or businesses get more practice, experience and skills, they start to bring up their prices and target companies with larger budgets.

Our goal is to continue innovating new tools, strategies and techniques to make awesome website more affordable!

Webfast Design Studio was created with the opposite objective!  We aim to bring a professional grade website that one would typically get with a larger budget to the smaller/newer business with smaller budgets. Our goal is to continue innovating new tools, strategies and techniques to make awesome website more affordable.

We have built thousands of websites for pretty much every industry you can imagine. We have developed a proven “recipe” for small business websites as a result of many years of building websites for larger businesses.

Using a combination of tools, methods and strategies developed especially for the small new start-up business, we have managed to develop a system of getting our clients big budget products/tools with log budget costs!

Why work with us

15+ years on the market

Our website designers have many years of experience working with small, medium, and large companies. We have taken the experience we have gained and developed as product especially suited to small business and new business start-ups!

Websites with purpose

With every website package we have, we include a basic website strategy so we can help you understand the three W’s of your website – WHO your target customers are, WHAT you do best, and WHY your prospects should buy from you.

Hundreds of happy clients

We have built hundreds (likely thousands, but who’s counting anyways) of websites so we know what works and what doesn’t. With that much practice, we are getting pretty quick with building them as well – thus the “Webfast” :)

Premium quality

We develop and “create” all of our websites using the WordPress CMS system. Many small website design companies/freelancers use WordPress as well, unfortunately, they tend to use the “free themes” to cut their costs. This results in sub-par designs and minimal website functionality. We only use premium themes (themes that have a licensing cost to use – we feel the professional results are well worth the extra cost!) in all of our website design packages.

ALl the tools you need

We understand that its not always the tool that matters, but how its used (take a paint brush for instance), however having the right tools for the job will always make the job that much easier. Our website design packages include all the tools your small business needs to be successful with your website!

Our mission

Our mission is to give small businesses & new business start-up companies a professional online presence, and to jump start their internet marketing by giving them the right tools and strategy to get to the next level.

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